New Life Sunday – Laughing at the kid in the high chair

Everyone likes attention…at the right time of course. I think it relates to the fact that we want to feel valued and appreciated.
Last night while we were sitting at the dinner table, “Z” got our attention. He started to stand up in his high chair.
All eyes were on him…
Suddenly, he somehow lost his balance before he was totally upright and fell to the side…it was a bit awkward and something about it made us all laugh (um…yeah, stop judging).
“Z” got a huge grin on his face and as he made eye contact with everyone at the table, he could see we all enjoyed his demise.
So, guess what?
He did it again…and again…and again…
He reminded me of myself. There are times when I will do things to draw attention to myself, hoping that someone will notice and in some way affirm me.
That affirmation is fleeting and pretty soon, I either have to do it again…and again…and again…or give up and find my affirmation somewhere else.
As we continue through the book of Revelation this week, we will look closely at the trajectory of certain individuals who are alive during the Tribulation. For awhile they will resist bowing their knee to God and will attempt to find their meaning and fulfillment their own way.
Unfortunately for those of us who have tried that path (which is everyone…), it never works…soon enough the people through whom we have been receiving affirmation get bored, the things we thought would satisfy will wear out, the prestige will lose its impact and we will be left with an empty life.
Revelation 11 continues the parenthesis from chapter 10 where we left off last week. It follows the path of people who had resisted God and then ultimately humbled themselves. In the end, they glorify God in the midst of tragedy. Instead of looking for affirmation from people, things and activities around them, they glorify God and share in His triumph.
We can take heart from these Tribulation saints. As believers, we can draw our fulfillment from the future triumph that God has promised for eternity.
And don’t worry, we’ll try not to let “Z” fall and I’ll try not to follow his example.
I hope to see you Sunday!
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