New Life Sunday -The brunt…

Just a few hours ago I was driving to Subway for a lunch appointment. I had to enter I-70 from an on ramp and then move over three lanes of traffic to head north.
So I have a few disclaimers: I was not on the phone, I was not preoccupied with something on the radio and I was not on the phone (yes I know that I wrote that 2x =)).
As I entered I-70, a car was going the same speed as me so I decided that since this was a church related meeting, I would slow down instead of attempting to ram the car off the highway (please note the sarcasm).
As I slowed down (yes I slowed down and yes I feel pretty spiritual telling you that) and looked to my left the driver gave me the “hands (fortunately not fingers) in the air, what are you doing, who gave you a drivers license gesture.”
I was confused!
The man was angry with me because he needed to be in my lane and I needed to be in his lane and since I read his mind wrong, I became the brunt of his anger for the moment.
As he raced ahead of me and I pulled into his recently vacated lane, I thought of how frustrating it can be when we are expected to read someone else’s mind.
Time and again throughout any given day we are expected to make split second decisions that affect any number of people. When we make the wrong decision as interpreted by someone else, we immediately become a target for the brunt.
The brunt can come in the form of yelling, silence, raised appendages, sarcasm and even force.
Seldom if ever does anyone volunteer for the brunt, but often we experience it. And when we do….watch out…because seldom, if ever, do we deserve it…at least from our vantage point.
Churches like any community can become a holding tank for brunt. This is not good. This is also not a reflection on Jesus but on sinful people within the church.
Brunt is something we will need to work through for the rest of our lives. Individually we each have room for improvement. As a church we have room for improvement as well. The Elder team is working to clearly communicate a strategic plan for 2012 and beyond. It is our prayer that this will help to diffuse frustration and provide a platform for unity and teamwork.
Next Sunday, January 22nd we will be sharing the specifics of the strategic plan. This Sunday, New Life is privileged to have Dave Robinson (see link: share a bit of his testimony and passion. He will be preaching from Romans 1:14-17 and his title is, “Indebted, eager and unashamed.” While he is with the New Life body, I will be sharing the sermon at Covenant Chapel where he is the pastor.
The Digging Deeper Bible class with Gary McClintock will resume this week in the coffee shop at 10:00am.
I hope that over the next few days you will be able to spend some time praying for God to open your heart to the upcoming sermon.
In the meantime, watch out for drivers like me on the on ramps…
God Bless!
Brag on God Topic: Trials that God has brought you through and the lesson you learned from that trial. 


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