New Life Sunday – Repenting for an empty tank

A few days ago I noticed that I was running low on gas. Now…there are many places to find gas in Kansas City but only one that I really like…a place on 34th and Main that has cheap gas and a $3 car wash.
When my warning dinged I had about 40 miles to empty and several stops before going completely out of my way to fill my tank and get my car washed. I calculated in my head that the total distance was about 40 miles and knew that I would be cutting it close.
At my last stop before heading to the car wash I had 13 miles till empty and exactly 13.4 miles to get to the car wash.

This kind of challenge excites me…
As you can imagine, I was paying close attention to my miles to empty gauge. I must admit, I began to plan out who I would call if in fact I did run out of gas. I also found myself frustrated with people who did not go through stoplights and had every intention of blaming them for running out of gas if in fact I didn’t make it.
I hit a few key lights on green and coasted into the gas station with three miles to empty.
It felt so good to have made it. The closer I came to running out of gas the greater the tension in my mind.
Making it to the gas station was a relief that released the tension…however if I had run out of gas, I would have added to the tension that I was feeling.
I am nearly positive that if I had run out of gas, I would have begun to make excuses to relieve a bit of the tension. The excuses would be:
       –If those people at the lights would have turned left, I would have made it through the light…
       –Ford’s gas gauge must be off….
       –I had really good intentions (saving money, clean car, etc), so it was valiant of me to have made the attempt…
       –I can think of a lot of other people who would do the same thing…
By now, most of you are ready to shout…”why don’t you just admit that you made a mistake?” From your perspective that is clearly the only option…from my perspective, I feel that I need to justify my decisions or you will respect me less.
Bottom line: Though it is difficult to own up to a poor choice, it is absolutely necessary. For me, it is much better to learn from my experience, plan ahead and get my gas and car wash before I risk running out of gas.
This Sunday, we are heading back to the series in Revelation and will be in chapter nine. The content of this chapter is mostly about judgment during the tribulation. The message from the chapter is that when faced with our sin/poor choices/mistakes/etc we need to own our faults, repent of them and accept forgiveness and grace.
So, whether it is running out of gas or something else, when we fail we should own it and repent.
I hope you have a great week!
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