New Life Sunday – An accident and a lesson in faith…

Just a few minutes ago I heard a loud BOOM and then a scraping noise that sounded like a snow plow. I looked out of the window and the sun is shining and the sky is clear so I was pretty sure that it wasn’t a snowplow. I deducted that it must have been an accident.

I stood up and looked out both windows…nothing.

I sat down and continued working on my sermon.

Within a few minutes, I started to hear sirens.

A lot of sirens…fire trucks, police cars, ambulances…

I got up again (yes, I count that as exercise) and watched two police cars coming down the street. They stopped right below the building so I knew it had to be close.

I walked into the auditorium and there it was… (see pic attached at the bottom).

I said a quick prayer for the safety of the passengers and then watched the emergency workers in action for a few minutes.

As I returned to my office, I realized that this accident has similarities to the birth of Jesus.

There were signs all around that an accident had occurred, yet until I followed the signs, I had not actually witnessed the  accident with my own eyes. However, as the signs for an accident began to pile up, I became more and more convinced.

Just like the story of the birth of Jesus when I considered the probability of an accident, my faith grew in proportion to the evidence around me.

This Sunday is Christmas and I am excited to worship Jesus on His birthday (at least the day we designate as the day of His birth). We intend to provide a very comfortable setting to sing Christmas Carols, listen to a children’s Christmas story, hear some special music and think about the birth of Jesus communicated through readings and a sermon.

We will look specifically at the life of Joseph and his example of selfless ministry to Mary and those around him. I believe we will leave with a stronger faith as a result of examining the signs that point to the birth of our Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth.

If you are traveling, I pray that you experience safety and are able to bless those with whom you spend time.

Merry Christmas!



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