We have a dog….

We have a dog…   This is a new addition to our happy little family. Her name is Zoe which means life and she has lived up to her name. She has been a challenge to my masculinity (she is a mix between a Pomeranian and a Poodle) and at times my sanity.   However, I must say that she is a good little dog. She wags her tail, loves to be patted and seems tosmile a lot. She is patient with the kids…She has been stepped on (accidently of course J), yelled at (usually after she marks a new room) and laughed at (she ran into the post in the kitchen yesterday).   She eats food off the floor with joy, she forgives quickly and absolutely loves the presence of her new family. The only people who don’t appreciate her are those who have never experienced a dog (in the house). So after consulting the internet and doing a bit of brainstorming myself, I would like to say that dogs can teach us much about relationships and here is why:   Dogs “love” unconditionally. They’re always happy to see you. They sense that you like them and like you back right away, so making “friends” with a dog is almost never a long ordeal. They don’t carry grudges. They are always “there” for you when you’re having a bad day. They don’tover-analyze anything. They don’t nag you or whine incessantly about a bad day. They make you smile when you normally wouldn’t. They are consistent. They watch your house, and your back.   So, this Sunday we are going to continue our five week series about “Living at the Core.” Our topic this week is “Gauging our COMMUNITY.” We will use the shepherds who arrived at the birth of Jesus as guides to help us build community using Biblical principles.   So, interestingly enough, Zoe in her simplicity and stupidity (no argument there) can teach us to build community. Her attributes of humility, forgiveness, service and loyalty should be a part of all community…especially the Christian community.   With that said, maybe dogs do go to heaven (not sure yet about cats—see the movie “Cats and Dogs” for more on that J).   I have had agreat time writing this and if you have made it this far, I hope you have enjoyed reading it.   Sunday will be great (without your dogs of course J)! Troy


Announcement: I hope you can make it to the Christmas Celebration that we have planned for this Sunday night, December 18th from 6:00-7:00pm at New Life.

Our objective for this gathering is to provide a warm, comfortable environment for everyone to pause and reflect on Jesus as the reason for the season. The children from Fam Jam and River city will be singing two songs, the worship team will lead us in several Christmas Carols and we will have a one-act play as well.


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