New Life Sunday – Living at the core…

Earlier today I was planning for my sermon this Sunday entitled, “Living at the core – gauging our values” and I came across the picture below:

To me this picture clearly depicts what wemust value, unfortunately for me (and probably for you too) this is not always the case.

It seems that the voices of culture shout loudly and influence me greatly.

The marketers know that when it comes to my future planning, I want comfort and predictability. Everywhere my eyes glance there is a product promising to bring me pleasure, happiness and satisfaction and every time I fall for their promise, I am reminded that the aching in my heart cannot be satisfied by a product or service.

Here’s why…

God made me so that I will never be satisfied with anyone or anything besides Him. For example, my tank in my car will never be satisfied with water or juice or any substance besides unleaded gas and the tank in my soul will never be satisfied with any substance besides a meaningful relationship with God.

Sometimes our attempts to add more things to our life while hoping for satisfaction are just as foolish as addingmore water to a car hoping that eventually it will work.

We are going to take a break from the book of Revelation for the next 5 weeks. I realized it may be pretty tough to work through the trumpet judgments at the “most wonderful time of the year.”

In place of Revelation, we will begin a five week series called living at the core:

December 4 – “Living at the core—gauging our values”

December 11 – “Living at the core—gauging our worship”

December 18 – “Living at the core—gauging our community”

December 25 – “Living at the core—gauging our mission”

January 1 – “Living at the core—gauging our goals”

This Sundaywill be a special kick-off to this series that will include some additional time to hear some stories from a few who have discovered values that are much different and much better than those of our present culture.

I hope you can come along for the ride!



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