Who is in charge?

Earlier Leigh-Ann called to tell me about life from the eyes of a 2 year old. Truthfully, it’s pretty much dead on…

Dallas and Z were playing in the house and Dallas said to Z, “Z- wanna pwetend? I be Daddy and go to work, and you be mommy and do everyfing else, k?”

Now, there is a goodchance that he has been brainwashed, however, in the unlikely event that this is honest observation and in the likely event that Leigh-Ann will be reading this email, I must say that Dallas pretty much has life figured out.

It is significant to consider how much can be learned from observation. For example, I can look out the window and see sunshine and assume that it is pretty warm out, however, in order to be most accurate, it is necessary for me to actually walk outside and feel the temperature as a part of my sensory observation.

We continue our study of Revelation into chapter 6 this week. There is much to learn from the text and much to observe in the current events around us. My plan for interpreting the text is for us to understand what John is writing from a historical and cultural perspective and then draw some conclusions based on our understanding.

Once we have a fair grasp of what John isattempting to communicate, we then should be able to make some observations from the world around us in order to connect the dots. Ultimately, there is much to apply for our spiritual lives today and even more to consider as we look to the future.

Take it from a 2 year old, life is pretty simple when you figure out who is in charge!

I hope your weekend is great!



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