Living out our purpose (John 13:18-38)

I hope you have had a great week staying warm and free from accidents (hopefully…).  This week, I have enjoyed watching the snow from the window and a miserable time navigating through it.  Snow has a way of bringing out all sorts of different emotions.  If you are a kid, snow can provide some awesome fun…..cancelled school, sledding and snow forts.  If you are an adult it is a curse…..sore back from shoveling, stopped traffic and work as usual; except now you have to find a babysitter because there is no school for the kids.

Snow can also teach us all more than we want to know about ourselves.  When it snows we realize how embarrassing it is to slip and fall, how frazzled our nerves can become when we are driving and how cold we can get when we do not dress warm enough.

Snow is also a mirror that can help us to learn many lessons about people.  I know you are probably wondering how something as small and insignificant as a snowflake can be compared to someone as smart, powerful and good-looking as you:

  • No two snowflakes are alike and certainly no two people are alike.
  • Snowflakes and people often react to pressure in the same way…..they have a meltdown.
  • Snowflakes can come in many different forms, including columns, needles, bricks and plates.  People also come in many forms (ok, I’m not going there).
  • Our environment will only be healthy when there is enough snow and enough people.
  • Snow can turn into a danger exemplified by mudslides, avalanches or floods and people can be dangerous exemplified by inappropriate words, threats and actions.
  • Snowflakes are small, weak and useless alone, but when combined with other snowflakes they are beautiful, powerful and essential for the hydrologic cycle.  Likewise, we are small, weak and useless alone, but when unified around a meaningful cause together we can be a force that changes the world.

The meaningful cause is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Jesus consistently showed his perfect love to imperfect people.  This loves reached its climax at the crucifixion.  Jesus died for each of us because He loves us and wants us to experience life the way it is meant to be.

God has created each person in the world with a very specific purpose in life.  We will only find satisfaction and fulfillment when we complete the role for which we were created.  This Sunday, we will study from John 13:18-38.  In this passage we will see an example of someone who failed to live out his purpose and also someone who succeeded in living out his purpose.  If you cannot make it to the service on Sunday (because of snow) the sermons are posted on the website.  I hope you have a GREAT weekend.

Basking in the Son!



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