Finding stability in the shadow of the spectacular (John 12:9-19)

A few nights ago I was able have the value of “mother” reaffirmed to me loud and clear.  Leigh-Ann was participating in a ladies night out and I was participating in a Daddy’s night with the girls.  Everything went smooth for the first five minutes.  I had put some noodles on the stove for Mac and Cheese and walked away only to hear them screaming that it was boiling over.  Shortly after this incident, I was cutting up some vegetables for soup and Alexa wanted to help.  This is a dilemma….there are never enough daddy nights, and she certainly knows how to get at my heart, so within moments I cave into the pressure and under very careful supervision allow her to help me cut up the vegetables.  As you can imagine, there are certainly more sensible activities for my six year old than handing her a knife and allowing her to help.  Quicker than you can even imagine her hand and my knife formally met, and this is when things really began to digress.

I have certainly seen bigger cuts in my lifetime, however it did draw blood and that opened up a hydrant of tears.  Fortunately, I kept my composure and we went upstairs to find the band-aids.  In the meantime Alexa is holding a piece of toilet paper on her finger bawling her eyes out.  The interesting thing about this “mishap” is that the tears came in waves.  Everything would be okay and then all of a sudden it sounded like I had the knife out again.  For the next two hours things would find some sense of order and then all of a sudden “my finger huuuuuurts.”

In order to get some kind of order in the house I had both girls sit on the stools at the counter while I finished my soup recipe.  Just as I could feel a wave of calmness passing over the room, out of the corner of my eye I saw something moving at light speed….Sophie, my three year old’s arm had collided with a full glass of water that hit the floor and shattered.  Wet glass was everywhere.  “Don’t move!”  My mind is racing as I imagine mommy walking in the door to see bloody footprints and fingerprints all over the house.

It was at this moment with vegetables, water and broken glass strewn all over the kitchen that I realized that I had to do something about the clean up.  The ONLY solution I could think of was the shop vac.  And boy did it work good…I felt like I was operating the machine on Cat in the Hat.

What baffles me most about this whole evening is the range of emotions that we all experienced within seconds.  We went from laughing and smiling to screaming and scared.  As I think more about that evening, I realized it is just like life on fast forward.  Normally there are minutes and days in between the highs and lows of our emotions, however that fateful night it was merely seconds.  This experience of extreme emotions is documented in the Scripture passage for this Sunday, in John 12:9-19, we call the “Triumphal Entry.”  Within a few days Jesus will drive the roller coaster of the people’s emotions from the highs of waving palm branches and shouting Hosanna to the lows of watching Roman Soldiers pound nails into His hands and feet.  I hope we can each learn some practical lessons to help us “Find stability in the shadow of the spectacular.”

I hope to see you in the service on Sunday.  We have an exciting service planned that will strengthen your heart and challenge your level of spirituality.

Merry Christmas!



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