The GPS affect on men, and Jesus the Good Shepherd (John 10:19-41)

How long has it been since you have been lost?  Notice, I didn’t ask if you had been lost…I assume that anyone that can read this has been lost.  The first time I remember being lost was when I wandered off in a department store long before I was old enough to go to school.  I can still feel the fear that overwhelmed my body.  I have many stories about getting lost while driving…I will spare you the details.  The other day I was riding in the car with a friend who has GPS.  This is cheating!  For centuries men have navigated independently, become lost independently, made excuses independently and have had to do a lot of explaining independently.  Simply put, asking for directions has always been a sign of weakness. Think about it…..why would a man that claims to still have all of his mental faculties need to ask someone else for location and directions?

Several years ago while we were still dating; Leigh-Ann and I decided to hike up a mountain in New Hampshire.  After spending some time at the top, taking in the incredible view all around us, we began our descent.  Within a few minutes Leigh-Ann said, “This doesn’t look familiar.”  I responded, “You were probably busy admiring my skill at navigating the rocks on the way up…we’ll be fine.”  A few more minutes passed…“this still doesn’t look right.”  I responded, “Trust me; I know where we’re going.”  Several more minutes passed, the trail had ended and we were fighting through branches and tripping over rocks and she said, “I think we better turn around.”  I responded quickly to communicate my confidence, “I’m sure that this trail will meet up with our original trail soon…at least we’re headed down.”

After hours of traipsing all over the mountain, we finally came to a creek and followed it out to a dirt road and within minutes we were able to flag down a car coming in our direction.  The lady (who by the way knew where she was going) agreed to drive us nearly ten miles to our car.  Thanks to my lack of direction, we had walked down the opposite side of the mountain.  I will admit that after a few hours I began to get pretty nervous.  When the sun began to drop, I was flat out scared.  The feeling of being lost is indescribably painful.

The journey of life is packed full of dead end trails, inaccurate signs and daunting obstacles that can leave us feeling lost and without hope.  Finding direction for life is far more important than finding our direction on a mountain.  Apart from the consistent leading from the Good Shepherd we will most certainly be lost in life.  This Sunday, it is my prayer that you will follow the lead of the Good Shepherd and make a transition from tradition to faith in your life as we study John 10:19-41.  I also ask that you join me in spending a little extra time in prayer for God to clearly direct us to the location He desires.

I hope you have an incredible weekend relishing NEW LIFE, “The way Life is meant to be!”

Expecting a Miracle!



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