The debate over red lights, and Jesus the Good Shepherd (John 10:1-18)

Warning! I have a frustration that I need to vent.  Well, I don’t need to vent, but I really want too so here goes….this morning, I was running late.  I exited off the interstate and came to a stop light at the top of the ramp.  And waited…..and waited….and looked both ways since no cars had come for a loooong time and waited.  While waiting, I began to think about the evil things that this traffic light engineer must have endured as a child to have the nerve to set the timer for this long.

It was in this frame of mind, that my thoughts began to digress.  I imagined that he probably has a video camera at this intersection and is sitting at his desk drinking coffee, watching me and tracking how long people will sit before blowing through the red light.  As I continued to wait, I gauged the risk involved with pulling around the car in front of me (who obviously had no schedule to meet) and making a public statement that this traffic light was for the birds (it certainly wasn’t doing any good for the traffic).

This may come as a surprise to some, but I found myself multitasking at this red light.  I was able to consider the risk of blowing the red light, imagine the life history of some traffic light engineer, concoct some good excuse for being late and attempt to remember where I was even going.

I was going to speak in a chapel service!  When this thought came through my small mind it seemed to create a blockage…with all other thoughts backing up behind it.  It was at this time, I realized the car ahead of me has already entered the intersection and I better go now before the light turns red again.  Since the car was now moving, the angry blood began to drain from my neck.  All of a sudden, I am confused. This is the first time I had taken this exit from this direction and nothing looked familiar.  In a moment of panic, I turned and the panic grew….I was supposed to speak for chapel and I don’t even know where I am.  AHHHHHHHHH!!!  Then I saw a Quick Trip.  There is something very calming about Quick Trip.  I turned into the parking lot, gathered my thoughts and remembered exactly where I needed to go, and drove straight to my destination—just in time.

I am amazed at how easy it is for me to get frazzled at the simplest little things in life.  I guess that is probably why I am referred to as a sheep in the Bible.  This week we will study John 10:1-18 and learn about how the “Good Shepherd” is able to protect and comfort “frazzled” sheep.  I am praying that you will be encouraged and strengthened from our study of the eternal, incorruptible, living Word of God.




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