Encounters, Truth, and Randy Savage (John 3:1-15)

Life is full of personal encounters….today you have already encountered many different people (unless you just got up J)—maybe even hundreds of different people.  Most of our daily encounters with people are very ordinary….a cashier in the check-out line, a neighbor in the yard, a co-worker, family members, etc.

It seems to me that throughout any given day there are a few unique encounters…. Maybe a person needing help, or someone offering you a deal to good to refuse, or maybe you see someone from a distance that is well known like the mayor or a successful business person or even a professional athlete.  These are the people that make it into the dinner conversation.

The final level of encounters becomes legendary.  These are the times when we have a “brush with greatness.”  These are the stories that come out at family reunions, neighborhood cookouts and church picnics.  One of my favorite stories is when I met Randy “Macho Man” Savage.  I think I like it so well because he was so different.  He showed up at a suit and tie dinner I was at a few years ago.  He was the only one out of more the 500 in a tank top.  His voice was totally raspy and he showed up late….so late that he missed the entire event.  He and his body guard (like he needs one) ended up eating his steak dinner in the hotel kitchen.  There were only a few people left so I joined Randy “Macho Man” Savage for dinner in the kitchen of a hotel.  Interestingly enough he played minor league baseball before his illustrious pro wrestling career.  And you thought you didn’t have to be athletic to “compete” in WWF…

ANYWAY, back to encounters…I say all this to introduce you to the topic of the message for Sunday—“An evening encounter with truth.”

This Sunday we will study John 3:1-15 the story of Nicodemus coming to Jesus.  This was no ordinary encounter.  We will look at historical details alongside the clear message of the text in order to draw out applications that can change our lives.

Please join me in prayer and take some time to read through the text between now and Sunday.


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